How Phil Collins Can Help The New England Patriots Win Super Bowl 46

(starting @ 2:46 {fades in slow} w/ volume UP – play until the reversal is called)

A.B. I get chills just writing this post.

And while some of you may look at this same exact thing & think “so what?” I challenge you to take yourself back to this ’01 playoff game before the legend of Tom Brady, before Patriot Place & before any Super Bowl wins.

And while “I can feel it in the air tonight” wasn’t a completely random choice, the dude operating the sound system had no idea what was about to happen. Maybe it was him “feeling” the ref would overturn the call – or trying to convince him to do so. Maybe it WAS a premonition. But if that’s true, I can tell you for sure that he was the only person in New England that felt that way.

Don’t lie, you thought it was a fumble – you had never seen the ‘tuck rule’ implemented like that. I remember my head in my hands saying, “well this game is over.” And it would have been without that overturned call. Raiders ball with the lead with 1:30 left. Goodnight Pats.

So I go back and harp on something most people would never remember without Youtube. Why that song? Why not a pump up song to keep the crowd in it, hoping for the best? Why not a sad song because the season was over? Why not an angry song for fans to riot to? Why Phil Collins “in the air” to a play that clearly was a fumble, right? Was it the never-say-die attitude of Boston sports fans? Was it hopeful optimism? WHY THAT SONG?

2 minutes later Brady had driven the offense down the tundra,Vinatieri kicks the game winning field goal in a blizzard & Patriots players are doing snow angels in the end zone. A couple weeks later the Patriots upset the heavily favored Rams. By 2005 they had won 3 out of 4 championships. WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

So maybe I am biased and love Phil Collins anyway. So maybe curses & premonitions aren’t real.

But play “In the air” during the timeout before the Pat’s final scoring drive to win it, and they will… win it.


“I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord

And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord

Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord”

  • RipDiesel

    Nice observation & well written. I noticed the Patriots played that song a few times during their playoff game against the Ravens. Is “In the air” to the Patriots what “Sweet Caroline” is to the Red Sox??

    • The Awesome Boston

      Thanks man. Unfortunately when I wrote this back in January 2012, they lost. But I’m still a huge believer that this song should be played before any big Patriots drive!

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