Homeless Burglary Suspect Gets Head Caught In Garage Door For 9 Hours

burglary head stuck in door

Stupid Criminals Strike Again


A homeless man is facing charges of breaking and entering after he was found Tuesday morning with his head stuck under a garage door at the Brockton Rent-A-Center, police said. Manuel Fernandescq, 54, told police that he was stuck for about nine hours. The business is located on Crescent Street. Police said Fernandes was transported to Brockton Hospital because of a minor injury on the back of his head.

A.B. I say community service is enough of a sentence for this guy. I mean let’s face facts. Is there anything worse than having anything stuck anywhere for 9 hours? Never mind that something being your head and having it stuck under a garage door. What do you do for the remaining 8 hours and 45 minutes after you give up trying to understand what Magic Johnson is saying – and why he is a Rent-A-Center spokesman to begin with?…

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