15 Historic Events That Prove April Is The Worst Month Ever

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April Really Does Suck

A.B. I grew up in the Massachusetts public school system which meant my school vacations were typically the 2nd or 3rd week of April. Every year my family went to our time share in Florida to escape the cold. And every year it seemed like bad news accompanied our time off. Since then I have always been aware that April is a terrible month.

Dont believe me? From the start of the Civil War in 1861 to the BP oil spill disaster in 2010, here is the truly unbelievable list of horrible April events in chronological order:

Start of The Civil War: April 12th 1861

Abraham Lincoln Shot: April 14th 1865

Hitler Born: April 20th 1889

San Francisco Earthquake: April 18th 1906

Titanic Sinks: April 15th 1912

Failed Bay of Pigs Invasion: April 20th 1961

Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated: April 4th 1968

Chernobyl: April 26th 1986

Start of Bosnian War: April 4th 1992

Waco: April 19th 1993

Kurt Cobain Suicide: April 5th 1994

Oklahoma City Bombing: April 19th 1995

Columbine: April 20th 1999

Virginia Tech Shooting: April 16th 2007

BP Oil Spill Disaster: April 20th 2010

(UPDATE: Boston Marathon Bombing: April 15th 2013)

Clearly April 19th & 20th are historically terrible days which is sort of strange since 4/20 is also the underground holiday of smoking weed.

And as to why April is such a horrible month, there are 2 major theories circulating across the interwebs. But I would be foolish not to point out that some of the events above are simply coincidence or more random than anything else; they just happen to fall within the month of April.

The first theory is that all the crazies who had winter cabin fever come out of ‘hiding’ for the spring and unleash their seasonal depression upon the masses or themselves.

The second theory also relating to the change in weather is that from a military strategic standpoint it is a more advisable time to wage war and/or terror. After all you can’t blow up a building or move troops effectively if roads are closed and people are home for snow days.

But regardless of the motivation or reasons for such horrible events all happening in April, it’s hard to look at that list and not be shocked.

But hey, there is good news too. If you were lucky enough to invest in a small computer company in April of 1976 – you are probably a billionaire in 2012: Apple Inc. founded April 1st, 1976.

  • Brad

    The events of Texas city in 1947 which killed nearly 600 people probably is more historically signifigant when compared to the suicide of a rock star, but maybe that’s just me

  • Nick

    Something else to add to that list, given the recent events in the Texas fertilizer plant explosion: The Texas City Disaster took place on April 16th, 1947

  • CM04

    Well actually, suicides and shootings ( any type not simply school) are somewhat more common during the spring and sometimes summer. They have done studies on stuff like this, and since more sunlight naturally has a positive affect on people who are not clinically depressed, it often has the opposite affect on people who are depressed or psychotic. And what is April? The first month of Spring, first easier chance to wreak havoc, and both spring and summer bring more daylight. Going out and committing such crimes when it is so cold would not be as simple ( yet there is still alot of crime that happens during the winter).

    As for there being alot of tragedies that have occurs on the 19th and 20th, there were a few, but it does not seem to stand out as anymore significant of a time than if you were to truly look at crimes committed during other months other than what I listed in the paragraph above. Many of the people who committed the above crimes had planned to do them at that time to imitate Columbine: the offenders even said so themselves. Please let’s not forget that crime is a mad induced occurrence, meaning the offender controls when they commit the crime, so let’s be real crimes are not natural occurences.

    And as for Hitlers birthday being in April, I am sorry but who cares? Hitler is dead, and there have been MANY wrongdoers in history, some even worse than him. Some of our presidents have been like him. Hitler was not the only person who ever had a holocaust during his time under rule. Heck during WW2 there was Joseph Stalin, dictator of Russia, who allowed millions upon millions of his own PEOPLE to die, as well as people of other races. But it wasn’t until recently that people started realizing how bad Stalin was because it was covered up by the almighty,powerful, wonderful allies and and winners of WW2. And who was that? Yep, Russia and the good old US of A. Victors write history. Sick huh? By the way Stalins birthday is close to Christmas, is Christmas and December horrible? Please analyze stuff better next time instead of doing it using emotion and bias.

  • CM04

    By the way I meant man- induced in the second paragraph, not mad :).

    • CM04

      One last thing. I realize that you mentioned the theory about the seasonal unleashing from depression. I just thought I would expand on it since I learned that stuff in a class .

  • Mike

    You overlooked the Branch Dividian Siege in Waco on April 19, 1993

    • http://advocatemag.com Christina Hughes Babb

      It’s in there — “Waco”

  • http://advocatemag.com Christina Hughes Babb

    Crazy this was written one year before the Boston bombing and two years before the deadliest day at Everest

  • Karyn Lowe Shipman

    The Revolutionary War starting on April 19, 1775

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