Happy Mothers Day From Cute Kids In Duck Costumes

duck baby parade

Duck Body, Baby Face


It’s one of Boston’s most endearing celebrations – the annual Make Way for Ducklings parade from the State House to the Public Garden. Today was an almost perfect day for a waddling procession – the only problem was it was so warm some kids were getting out of their costumes even before they made the turn from Beacon Street onto Joy.

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A.B. Happy Mother’s Day! In case you missed your daily cute overload, here’s a set of photos of the annual “Make Way for Ducklings” parade.

This makes my ovaries ache like little atom bombs going off in my tummy. I want to run out to the nearest Home Depot and find a nice girl to gay marry RIGHT NOW so that we can have DUCKLINGS.

And don’t think I don’t know exactly how irrational that is. Ducklings. OK? Just…Ducklings.

The things I endure for my readers.

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