Girls Make Out In Front Of Religious Protester At Boston Pride

A.B. Is this dude serious with the bullhorn-arm-tuck microphone set up? What is this 1970? Bro, if you wan’t to get your message of beautiful religion hate across to the youth of today try setting up a podcast or at least have a street performer put it to music. Yelling at members of the LGTB from an elevated curb is a rookie mistake.

And furthermore, not only do you sound like Hitler (both message & tone), but you also aren’t dressed for your audience. Wear a devil costume. Wear a Jesus costume. Wear a KKK uniform. Grab their attention. But don’t rock an undersized white dress shirt, slacks and a tie. You look like every other overweight middle aged white man in America and blending in certainly isn’t your goal. Have you ever seen the Jesus Guy at Fenway? Now that is someone you remember.

At the end of the day this dude made too many elementary mistakes. Of course you are going to have girls making out 2 feet from your Dockers. Now go back home to your parents’ basement and blog about the end of the world in 6 short months. Street “performing” ain’t your cup of tea.

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