Giants Win Super Bowl But New York Still Behind Boston In RELEVANT Titles

Who has more championships Boston or New York

Boston Owns NY in 21st Century

A.B. That loss last night will sting for a very, very, very long time.

But last night as I struggled to sleep and make meaning of it all, my prayers were answered in the form of this pictograph.

Boston still is and always will be TITLE TOWN.

All I can hope for now is a playoff meeting between the Bruins & Rangers. April can’t come soon enough.

  • Stephen

    Thanks for posting this!!! I now must go show this too all my friends that think they can brake me by bashing the patriots super bowl losing streak to NY lol and this picture will make it…… fun :)

    Oh and keep up the great work I am like the only Boston fan here and your posts make easy too know that I am not on an island of patriot haters :)

  • Harmy G

    It’s been more than a decade now since Super Bowl XXXVI. So, you can’t put 3 Lombardi trophies up anymore.

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