Fun Fact For Fenway Faithful: There’s Morse Code On The Green Monster

The next time you watch a baseball game being played at Fenway Park in Boston, look carefully at the white lines in the scoreboard on the left-field wall. You’ll spot some dots and dashes hiding in plain sight in two of the vertical stripes. They spell out “TAY” and “JRY,” for Thomas A Yawkey and his wife, Jean R Yawkey; the Yawkeys were co-owners of the Red Sox for many years.

Now that the Boston Red Sox season is (finally) over, on to more meaningless observations from 4 Yawkey Way. I’m willing to bet that John Henry is unaware of this little hidden gem. You have to believe that if he did know he would have changed it to read: Tom, John & Larry or Fenway Sports Group. Or maybe when he finally sells the team he will have it read: Thanks for buying a brick.

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