Foxborough Casino Plans Suspended By Kraft & Wynn

robert kraft casino land

Proposed Casino Lands

One day after voters elected two anti-casino members to Foxborough’s board of selectmen, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and casino developer Steve Wynn announced today they are suspending plans to build a destination casino on land Kraft owns in the town.

“With Monday’s election, we believe the citizens of Foxborough have spoken,’’ the Kraft Group said this afternoon in a statement. “As we originally committed, we have heard them and respect their collective voice. With that democratic statement, as opposed to the voices of five individuals, we will be suspending our efforts regarding a destination resort development.’’

A.B. Way to be selfish Foxbourough. Seriously, would a casino have been that big of a hassle in your day-to-day lives?  Combined with the Patriots, Foxborough could have become the Vegas of New England. Cue the condescending applause.

Bu all kidding aside, I was psyched to have a casino so close to Boston.  If I want to go throw money away I have to drive all the way to Foxwoods – and who wants to spend three hours in a car only to wind up in Connecticut? Not this guy. And while I could still find an opium den in Chinatown that’s had an illegal game of chinese checker’s going on for 80 years, I barely have time to shower these days let alone find myself a new opium den.

Anyone who wouldn’t like a casino in their town has never been inside a casino. They’re places of magic and joy – their billboards make that extremely clear. They almost make you forget that you’ve just gambled away your house in a low stakes black jack game. And if Foxborough doesn’t want the seedy individuals that are associated with Casino’s in town, too bad, those guys already live in your town. Foxborough isn’t exactly Pleasantville USA.

All I’m saying is that the people of Foxborough aren’t being practical about this whole casino thing. People are always going to throw their money away on stupid stuff, why not have them do it in your town where you can turn a profit?

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  • Harmy G

    “I was psyched to have a casino so close to Boston.”

    This just means that the eastern Mass casino will be at Suffolk Downs, MUCH CLOSER TO BOSTON. ACTUALLY, IN BOSTON.

  • Pat

    haha harmy you’re the maaaan. seriously a regular jeff goldblum in the house. the only reason to go to suffolk downs is to get rabies or the HIV. no one will go to a casino there. patriot place and a nice casino…coke heads playing a $5 parlay on a 3 am three-legged horse race? i think i know my choice dipstick

  • Del Rio Casino

    Well, well, well, this is interesting. I couldn’t agree more why don’t they just spend it in their own town.

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