Former Boston Bruin Blake Wheeler Leads NHL Anti Lebron Twitter Bash

lebron james leg cramp


A.B. The latest water-cooler conversation at my office was based on who is tougher: hockey or basketball players? I thought it was a joke when I first butted in. It wasn’t. Immediately¬†referencing¬†the likes of Mike Richter playing goalie with a broken finger, every battle on & the basic comparison of hockey being a contact sport – the basketball die-hards started to get quiet. The conversation then evolved into “who would win in a street fight,” to which I shook my head at and walked away.

But going back to the first “argument” I find these tweets sum up what every hockey fan has been trying to explain to every basketball numskull on the planet.

The NHL’ers have spoken:

blake wheeler lebron tweet

Slapshot To The Foot

alex goligoski lebron tweet

Gutsy Performance…

nick bonino lebron tweet

Cramping In The Spot Light

scott valentine lebron diss

Cheer For The Cramper

scott valentine lebron tweet

The Legend Of Lebron

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