Fenway Park No Longer Most Expensive Beer In MLB

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Fenway Park & A Cold Beer


We’re roughly a month into the Major League Baseball season and baseball’s beer drinking fans are already behind in the standings.

Major League Baseball’s average price for a small beer rose from $5.81 last year to $6.16 this year. At this time last year, the highest price for a small beer was the $7.25 the Boston Red Sox were charging at Fenway Park. This year three teams have exceeded that price, with one team breaking the $8 barrier for the first time ever.

A.B. In 2011 the Boston Red Sox sold the most expensive beers in the MLB. No Surprise there. Here is how the new top 3 for 2012 shakes out:

1- Marlins $8

2- Phillies $7.75

3- Red Sox $7.25

I guess someone has to pay for Papelbon & Reyes’ new contracts.

The only surprise here is that the Yankees aren’t #1. Ever tried to buy a pack of cigarettes in NYC? Easily $15. My buddy pays $2300/month for a 1 bedroom apartment that isn’t even 1,000 square feet. So a small beer under $7.25 in NYC?


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