Fenway Park Heckler To Mike Trout, “I Like Salmon”

A.B. So this is what the Red Sox season has come down to. In order to preserve the sell out streak (that we all know ended a long time ago), Sox ownership is basically giving away tickets on the streets of Boston. That’s how you get Mr. creativity here sitting 3 seats from the NESN broadcast booth.

But I’ll admit it, I laughed. It was one of those comments that are so unfunny that they catch you off guard. Plus it’s Friday, the Red Sox suck and the Patriots are still in pre season. How else am I to stay entertained?

Sidenote- I guarantee I could pick this guy out of a line up without having seen his face. Mid forties with grey stubble, Sox hat from ’89 with gear oil stains, jean shorts and wife beater with half a half buttoned “alternate green” Coco Crisp jersey that was $12.99 at Marshalls. Too specific?

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