Fenway Park Beer Pong Table

beer pong table fenway park

Fenway Park Beer Pong

A.B. This could revolutionize the world of beer pong. Just like Baseketball combined baseball & basketball, this table could lead to the invention of Beerball or Basepong.

Bounce the ball off the monster and into a cup; double. Straight shot over the wall; home run. 3 outs per team, per turn. A ball that hits the cup and bounces back into the field of play equals an automatic ejection. The possibilities are endless. An ESPN Ocho contract wouldn’t be far behind.

Does anyone know who built this thing? Does anyone know a sweat shop in China that could mass produce them? If so, I’m waiting for your call.

H/T Onlinebeerpong

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    I honestly don’t know how the hell I just stumbled upon this, but me and 2 of my buddies built this this table back in 2005 when we were in college. The number of man hours we spent on this thing was ridiculous. Nothing like drinking beers and paper mache-ing till 4am for like, a week straight….

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