FBI Still Unable To Dig Up Clues About Infamous 1990 Boston Art Heist

Boston art heist

Infamous Boston Art Heist


None of the priceless masterpieces from a record art heist were found today in a search by the FBI on the property of an alleged mobster, according to his attorney.

Authorities conducted the search today on the property of Robert Gentile, 75, who was arrested in February on federal drug charges. The warrant allowed ground-penetrating radar to be used so agents could search for weapons, said A. Ryan McGuigan, Gentile’s attorney.

The search today yielded two guns.

“Nobody cares about [the guns]. What they were looking for was stolen art,” McGuigan told ABCNews.com at the end of the day.

The search warrant marked the second time the FBI had searched Gentile’s property. Both warrants were for weapons, McGuigan said, because the statute of limitations on the art theft case had expired.

Among the masterpieces stolen more than 20 years ago were works by Degas and Rembrandt.

In March, a federal prosecutor said Gentile may have some connection to the art heist at Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990, the Associated Press reported.

A.B. Ah, the old “we are looking for guns not art” ploy. The FBI is one sneaky agency. But what I don’t understand is what if they found the stolen art? Isn’t the warrant specific on only searching for weapons? And what about the statute of limitations? Could they still prosecute the offender if the art is found? I thought statute of limitations meant NO – but apparently the FBI can do what it wants.

All I know is that this stolen art is going to be found. If we can take out Osama Bin Ladin & capture Whitey Bulger, a bunch of stolen art should be a cake walk. So why the two-decade-plus hunt? Doesn’t someone have these pieces hanging in their living room? How has someone not been over for a dinner party and been like, “isn’t that the 70 million dollar Manet painting that is missing?” It’s not like trying to recover a stolen 1998 Nissan Maxima. There are thousands of Maximas – these paintings are 1 of 1.

And if I am way off and some thief is hiding these pieces of art in their basement, why steal them in the first place? If you can’t make a profit on stealing something, why steal it at all? And why buy stolen art if you aren’t going to display it in your house?

Just so many questions and not enough answers. Please someone shed some light…

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