Father & Son Build ‘Fenway West’ – A 1/3 Scale Version Of Fenway Park

fenway west field

Fenway West, 1/3 Scale Of Fenway Park


A father and son tandem, Jim Maciariello, 58, and son, Ben, 31, incredibly have built a 1/3 scale version of Fenway Park on a farm that they own. To say that a fair amount of time and effort went into the construction of ‘Fenway West’, would be a gross understatement. The two began the project for the simple reasoning of ‘ ‘How cool would it be to have our family and friends trying to hit balls over the Green Monster?’ And cool it is…

A.B. Cool? How about the coolest thing to ever come out of the West Coast.

Think about it. California is filled with Hollywood types & hipsters. It rains non stop in Washington. Are Wyoming & Montana even really states? Utah is Mormon country. Arizona is hot as Hades.

So you tell me there is a replica 1/3 scale version of Fenway Park in some farm out west and a father & son tandem built it from scratch? I say what is the fastest way to get to this field of dreams? I can’t wait to be surrounded by corn fields jacking home runs over the mini-monster to my hearts content.

Seriously, can I get an address for this field and a one-way-ticket to Middleofnowhere, West Coast?

fenway west view

Arial View Of Fenway West


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