Farmers Market In Allston Scheduled To Return

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A farmers’ market that launched in Allston last summer will return again this month in the same spot, and will be held twice as frequently and with twice as many vendors as a year ago.

The Allston Village Farmers’ Market will launch Sat., May 12, organizers said. It will be held every Saturday through the end of September from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Union Square in Allston along a plaza front of the Jackson-Mann school and community center at the busy intersection of Cambridge Street, North Beacon Street and Brighton Avenue.

A.B. Does anyone else think that Allston village is the worst place for a farmer’s market? Yeah, there’s nothing I’d rather do than buy some half rotten tomatoes while I try to avoid all the glass shards on the sidewalk.

Farmer’s markets are meant for suburbanites who want to get into the fresh and organic trend but don’t have the cash to shell out for Whole Foods. In reality, the only thing good about a farmer’s market is that there’s usually some guy that sells pot. Otherwise I’ll get my corn from Shaws…plastic wrapped and full of pesticides…the chemicals give it that good ole’ American flavor.

But back to my original point.  There are only two types of people that live in Allston or go to Allston.  Hipsters and Biddies.  Hipsters don’t have enough money to afford the stuff at farmer’s markets…even though they want it.  Biddies are only there at night, usually stumbling out of Tavern on the Square. It’s eerie how Allston works on this cycle of hipster-by-day, biddies-by-night. Once 2am hits a whole bunch of college girls will stumble onto the sidewalks, proceed to vomit, or cry, or both at the same time and then shuffle into cabs to go sleep in their dorm rooms or studio apartments on Saint Paul street.  But again I’m rambling…

Here’s my point. A farmer’s market will make no money because the hipsters that live there won’t shell out their PBR funds to buy the products and meanwhile anyone that goes to the market will be stepping in puke of a girl named Jessica or Arielle. And it’s amazing how fast people will leave an area when there’s puke around… just saying.

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  • Pat

    Thats some elitist shit right there. Daddy likes.

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