Ever Wanted to Eat in a Bathroom? Soon, You Can in Boston!


A former public bathroom in an historic Boston park is being turned into a sandwich shop. Don’t get grossed out.

The 660-square-foot “Pink Palace” on Boston Common built in the 1920s hasn’t been used as a restroom in decades. City officials announced Tuesday they have agreed to a 15-year lease with the Florida-based Earl of Sandwich chain for a takeout operation at the site.

The goal is to open the shop later this year or early next year following renovations. Boston Parks Department Commissioner Toni Pollak says the project is a chance to preserve the historic mausoleum-like structure while bringing new life to the Common.

A.B. The problem with opening a new business on the site of a previous establishment is the tendency of former patrons to come in and pine for the old days.

It won’t be long before old “customers” return to point out the location of their best bowel movements somewhere between where the tuna salad and meatloaf will reside.

As a nod to the Pink Palace, The Earl of Sandwich will offer Charmin instead of conventional napkins to their guests.

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