Drunk Red Sox Fan With Toothbrush Gets Kicked Out Of Tropicana Field

A.B. What a weird bird. Who the hell brings a toothbrush to a baseball game? And what’s with the fake teeth brushing & eventual neck and hair brushing? Just goes to show you that Tampa Bay truly is the landfill of the USA. Nothing good ever happens in Tampa – even if you are rooting for the Sox.

Sidenote – The good news is that when this chick is arrested for public intoxication she will have the perfect item to make a shank out of in prison. And yes she will go to prison – there is no doubt in my mind she has previous warrants out for her arrest.

2nd Sidenote – Is that the only toothbrush ever used south of the Mason-Dixon line?

  • Markus Areluis Hostettler

    I used to live North of the MD line, but had to leave the cold and worthless slums to you two bright individuals. Now lets talk about where you believe Boston fans come from………..

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