Drunk Driver Hits Pedestrian Twice In Fall River

Fall river man was drunk driving and hit a pedestrian twice.

Pedestrian Hit In Broad Daylight


A Fall River man accused of hitting a pedestrian not once, but twice, was arrested on Saturday after police received a flood of calls concerning a hit-and-run accident on South Main Street.

Antonio Martis, 32, of 645 Rodman St., is facing a multitude of charges, including leaving the scene of an accident, operating under the influence of liquor, and leaving the scene of an accident, after he hit a woman with his car, backed up to flee and hit her again, reports The Herald News.

However, Martis did not get very far from the scene before he crashed his vehicle at approximately 8:40 a.m. Two citizens held Martis until police arrived. Story Continued Here.

A.B. Perfect example of when to cut your losses and not do what this guy did.

His first mistake was driving drunk. But As soon as he hit somebody it’s a game changer. Why take it any further?

Instead this genius felt compelled to add  a few more charges including hitting the same woman AGAIN & fleeing the scene of an accident.

Kind of scary that people like this actually exist in the world.

(sorry about the video ad, but trust me it’s worth it)

  • Dan

    Let that be a lesson, look both ways before your cross the street.

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