Dorchester Principal Dresses As Lady Gaga & Milks A Cow


Lady Gaga has inspired an American school principal to tap into his inner Little Monster and dress up as the pop icon for his students.

He wasn’t born this way, but South Boston principal Justin Vernon seems totally comfortable living the mantra, “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen”.

Head of the innovatively named Roger Clap Innovation School, Vernon told his students that if they read 10,000 books by the end of the school year, he would go Gaga and milk a cow.

We’re not sure if Gaga herself has ever milked a cow, but hey, we didn’t make the bet! Watch the kids’ priceless reaction when their glammed-up Gaga-For-a-Day arrives for an udderly bad romance with a cow.

We can only hope he steers clear of wearing a meat dress during home economics.

On the other hand, arriving to class in an egg would surely make for the best biology lesson ever?

(A.B. Editor’s Note: The MSN author has no idea that Dorchester does not = South Boston)

A.B. I feel like pulling some shenanigans like this is something that can get you mugged in Dorchester. I understand that our schools are in the crapper right now—and that I can’t really expect too much from anyone, anymore—but can someone tell teachers and educators that scarring children isn’t really helping.  Dressing up as Lady Gaga and milking the cow doesn’t really to be the best way to make kids read.  Oh sure they may have read over 10,000 books, but that’s only because they wanted to get their principal fired for being insane.  What if you promised them a trip to six flags or a school carnival? That would seem a little more normal to me. Instead, this principal put on a spectacle of performance art that should really be reserved for the Castro district of San Francisco.

I like how the person who wrote this article tries to make it sound cute and playful.  Well it’s not and I think he should be punished—or beaten with a pillowcase stuffed with bars of soap—full metal jacket style. We need to put our foot down at some point and let people know that milking a cow, while dressed as Lady Gaga, is not really something children should ever see.

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