Does El Pres From Barstool Sports Secretly Like Larry Lucchino?

A.B. You don’t have to be a BarstoolSports fanatic to know that Larry Lucchino gets butt hurt by El Pres & staff quite frequently. Along with Jenny Dell, Kate Upton, The Blackout Tour & Portnoy himself –  Larry Lucchino seems to have become a Barstool regular. Sort of like the Masturbating Bear on Conan’s old show. Larry Lucchino, known by Portnoy as “The One Eyed Bandit” can’t escape the thrashing. And well deserved. Larry Lucchino is about as popular in Boston as Ray Allen.

So imagine how surprised I was, a proud stoolie & huge fan, to find El Pres in the picture below. All smile (and chins) hugging the bandit himself. And even more surprising was that the picture was posted by El Pres on Barstool (scroll down), albeit in 2007 when the Red Sox didn’t suck.

Pres gets a pass in my book for making my 9-5 cubicle monkey job less painful, but the question remains: Does El Pres secretly love-hate the Red Sox exec?

larry lucchino barstool sports

Portnoy & Lucchino Pre – “One Eyed Bandit”

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