Does Boston Bruins Coach Claude Julien Have An Evil Twin?

boston bruins coach evil twin

Claude vs. Handsome Ralph

A.B. I’m starting to think that the pink hat from Toucher & Rich was on to something with her Handsome Ralph comment. In short, when asked the name of the Boston Bruins’ coach – the pink hat said his name was “Handsome Ralph.”

And while you could argue that Handsome Ralph is just a fan of his brother and not actually coaching the Bruins – who is to say that Claude and Ralph didn’t pull off the old twins-switcheroo without anyone knowing? After all, he is an evil twin and may be a Canucks fan.

But regardless of which brother is coaching the Bruins on any given night – it’s now at least clear that Claude Julien does have a twin brother and he is most likely evil (look at that scowl).

H/T Masshole Sports

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