Curt Schilling Thinks Jason Varitek Could Be The Next Red Sox Manager

A.B. Say what you want to about Schilling and the negativity that currently surrounds him, he still has friends within the Red Sox organization. And while Schilling may just be floating his opinion out there, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tek does become a legitimate candidate for Bobby Valentine’s job.

Remember, Varitek has caught a no hitter for 2 current members of the Red Sox staff; Buchholz & Lester. He was part of the ’07 World Series Championship with players like Ortiz, Pedroia, Ellsbury & Matsuzaka. In 2004 he became the first Red Sox captain since 1990.

He’s a player favorite, a fan favorite & a staff favorite. He’s the triple crown of managerial candidates. Now he just has to convince Henry, Lucchino, Cherrington and the rest of upper management that he isn’t too young and well liked to hold authority.

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