Creepy Fall River Janitor Caught Taking Bathroom Pics Of A Teacher


creepy janitor meme

Creepy Or Really Friendly?

FALL RIVER — A janitor at a Fall River elementary school has been charged with taking a picture of a 40-year-old woman using a school bathroom.

Bruce Tidwell has released on personal recognizance Wednesday after pleading not guilty to photographing an unsuspecting person who is nude or partially nude.

The woman, a counselor working at the Letourneau Elementary School, told police she was in the bathroom Tuesday with the door locked when she heard a click. She opened the stall door to allegedly find the 57-year-old Tidwell on his hands and knees with a cellphone open.

A.B. Just another article about Fall River. My city. One more story making it look a little worse than it did before. Just filled with creeps taking pictures of chicks instead of watching porn. I don’t get it. Steal a Playboy bro. Oh you don’t have internet access? I know the Riv. I know you can use the internet for free at the library. Tons of websites for your liking. Why are you on your knees in front of a bathroom stall snapping photos of a 40-year-old school teacher? Maybe cause I’m a chick and can get a sext at the drop of a dime I don’t get it? Maybe cause I’m not into the whole peep hole thing I don’t get it? Maybe cause I’m not a creepy janitor with a cell phone filled with pictures of school teachers in compromising positions I don’t get it? Whatever it is, let’s stop with the creepy.

Meet some skank via craigslist and get to sexting.

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  1. Harmy G says:

    Guy should have disabled the sound…

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