Conservative Old Man Youtube Rapper, Pepper Jack, Has To Be A Joke

A.B. I watched this video at least 10 times before trying to describe what I just witnessed. I went from offended to laughing, dancing to shaking my head – not knowing what to think. Finally, after checking out his other song & Youtube page, I came up with some inalienable facts about PepperJack and this club banger:

1) This beat is hot. Sounds like a Shaggy song which is ironic since this may as well be titled: “White Power!” (Shaggy clearly isn’t white)

2) This is a young dude dressed in an old man costume. Fake beard, moves too quickly and although terrible, he can keep up with the beat. I call BS on PepperJack being over 25.

3) “Everybody dancing with their stem cells out” is lyrical gold.

4) His “monkey plus a man = HIV” logic is spot on for how the hardcore right wing nut jobs in this country think. PepperJack being the lyricist he is, just knew how to say it better.

5) Calling out Google and referencing Myspace automatically disqualifies anything you have to say, ever.

6) This song is on Paul Ryan’s Ipod at the gym.

7) Pepper jack cheese contains jalapenos as a main ingredient. Jalapenos originated in Mexico. Boom.


Sidenote – Raise your fist? I think PepperJack is a very confused old man.

Side Sidenote – This is still catchy and I am still listening to it on repeat…

  • AShole

    Sounds like a lefty trying to sound like a righty

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