Chris Martin Of Coldplay Messes Up Song & Blames It On The Olympics

“Oh shi*t, take a breather, take a breather. I was thinking about the Olympics I was distracted.

I was not in a break up frame of mind, and I should have been, im going to get back into it.

Gonna stop thinking about pole vault, things like that, and we’re gonna focus back in on this song and so is everyone else… (inaudible).

Cus it’s a big deal, we never had the Olympics in our lifetime so you cant blame a band for thinking about it every once in a while (inaudible).

But whats more important is that the best concert in the world is happening right here right now, so we better carry on.

F*ck the Olympics, lets have a f*cking great time in Boston.

Please don’t tweet I said f*ck the Olympics. I didn’t mean that. Please don’t turn it into a news story whatever you do.

A.B. Sorry Chris but the Summer Olympics only come around once every four years. And quotable gold like this may be even rarer. In fact this is T-shirt material… F*ck The Olympics. Come To Boston. Someone get Mumbles Menino and Boston Tourism on this STAT.

And before people out there want to call Coldplay a sport-hating-sissy-band let’s not take this out of context. Messing up a song in front of thousands of fans is not an easy thing to recover from. This was putting on a show in its purest form. Oh, and did I mention Twitter was a sponsor? That tweet line was definitely pre-meditated.

Awesome show (yea I was there & I’m a huge fan) & ballsy comment. F*ck The Olympics!

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