Celtics Fan Loses Bet, Walks Through Florida Wal Mart In Bikini

kevin garnett face

Garnett’s Reaction


I bet my friend that the Celtics would not close out the Heat at Boston. She was so confident that she bet she would walk around Doral Walmart in a Bikini. Here you go!

A.B. Wearing a bikini over body tights doesn’t count as wearing a bikini. It’s an insult to the bikini, sort of like when basketball players wear an XXL white T under their jersey. The jerseys are sleeveless for comfort, bikinis have limited coverage for showing off your body. So if this chick was ashamed of her body, she shouldn’t have made the bet in the first place. If I was camera dude I would have enforced the no body tights rule long before ever shaking on the wager.

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