Celebrity Chef Destroys Kingfish Hall Restaurant In Faneuil Hall

kingfish hall restaurant

The Todd English-Kingfish Aftermath


Celebrity chef Todd English, who owes more than $1 million in back rent and other charges related to his Kingfish Hall restaurant, left the space with thousands of dollars in damage after shuttering the location at Faneuil Hall Marketplace several weeks ago.

Photos obtained by the Globe show what appear to be ripped ceiling tiles, torn duct work, exposed wires, and garbage strewn throughout the historic property, which is owned by the city of Boston.

“Most people would expect the property would be left in a reasonable condition,” said Brenda McKenzie, economic development director for the Boston Redevelopment Authority. “This is atypical.”

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A.B. My time in food service taught me one very important fact of life: people will do insane things when they are disappointed. A tasteless meal will earn you thirty minutes of a boring culinary lecture. A hair in the soup will run you the rough equivalent of a soft drink in the face. A roach gets a smashed plate. Food poisoning is a broken table.

And then there’s this.

Todd, if you’re reading, I think you’d better find another line of work. They don’t like what you’re serving.

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