Brookline Man Found With 36 Guns & 1,200 Armor-Piercing Bullets

coolidge corner brookline

Normally Safe Coolidge Corner

Police officers checking on the well being of a Brookline man who no one had spoken to for a month led to the discovery of a cache of 36 firearms, including 14 high-powered rifles and 1,200 rounds of armor-piercing bullets in his residence near Coolidge Corner Monday.

A.B. I’m very fond of Coolidge Corner—whether it’s the Brookline Booksmith, the Coolidge Corner Theater, or Michaels Deli, I just like walking around.  It’s a quiet little area with a diverse mix of families, young professionals, and senior citizens – and now apparently gun nuts.

My only reaction was, “well that sounds like an unnecessary amount of fire power.”  Unless you have rats wearing Kevlar in your home, I’m sure that you don’t need any of that stuff, especially in Brookline. There is little to no need for home protection when the people who live in your area are families and old people. Personally, I think if you are robbed by an eighty year old, you deserved what just happened to you.  Never in the history of the world has anyone ever said the words, “help I’m being mugged by an old man with dementia and hemorrhoids.”  If that ever happens to you just know he’s not trying to rob you, he’s trying to get you to pay attention to him because his teenage grandson won’t visit him anymore.

It sounds like this guy has serious overcompensation issues.  I’m all for the second amendment but when you buy 36 high-powered guns with vest piercing ammo, you might be trying to distract people from your shortcomings.  I’m just glad that the Brookline’s finest  made it safer for us to make fun of this guy’s manhood; and for that, we thank you.

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