Boston Writer Captures Arrest On Boston Common – Twitter Frenzy Ensues

A.B. Eric Twardzik of Gauge Magazine and The Berkeley Beacon may have captured the most controversial photos of the Boston Marathon bombing investigation so far. At around 5:25pm, about 2 hours after the bombing, Twardzik photographed police handcuffing a man in a white hat on Boston common.

Since releasing this photos and others on twitter, the media frenzy began for Erik. He states multiple times that the arrest may be completely unrelated to the bombing and that the man was wearing a white hat and not a turban or hood of any kind. To see how it has unfolded up to this point, follow the twitter timeline below:

On the common: man bound by BPD officers…

— Eric Twardzik (@Eric_Twardzik) April 15, 2013










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