Boston Red Sox Wives Model In Fashion Show For Charity

The Red Sox wives hosted the 11th annual From Fenway to the Runway fundraiser at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston on Sept 13. The wives, girlfriends, and close personal acquaintances of the Sox showcased fall fashion from the luxury department store at the luncheon and runway show with proceeds from the event benefitting the Red Sox Foundation’s programs for at-risk children and wounded veterans.

A.B. Two words: Tiffany Ortiz.

If I were Big Papi I would be at this fashion show too. Just sitting in the back row intimidating all of the other men in the room – although with a fashion show setting, I think he might be safe. And I love how Mrs. Ortiz says it’s nice to dress up once in a while because she is a mother of two. I’m willing to bet my life savings that there is plenty of going out & at least 2 nannies in the Ortiz household. But maybe by dressing up she means wearing two million dollars worth of diamonds instead of just one. Makes sense in that context.

Sidenote – At least someone in the Bard marriage can still bring the heat.

Video via NESN


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Tiffany Ortiz: 1, The Awesome Boston: 0

Nothing said about the $2 million in jewelry though…


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