Boston Red Sox Still Trying To Find New Fenway Park Announcer

carl beane empty booth

The Red Sox Announcer Booth

The Boston Red Sox are conducting very public tryouts for the open job of Fenway Park announcer: The ball park has had a different public address announcer for almost every home game since the untimely death last month of Carl Beane, the longtime voice of Fenway Park.

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A.B. Like a desperate prince trying a glass slipper on every lady in the land, the Red Sox continue to go through every golden voice in the greater Boston area.

What the article doesn’t say is interesting: why aren’t these other announcers working out? Is it possible that the Sox just aren’t ready for a new announcer – emotionally? This guy called your name at the height of your triumph and the nadir of your humiliation. He watched the field like God on high, called it like an ESPN anchor and judged you like you wish your girlfriend would.

Red Sox, you should probably wait another season before seeing new announcers.

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