Whitey Bulger Was At Game 7 When The Bruins Won The 2011 Stanley Cup

A.B. In Boston right now we have a terrorist pleading not guilty and blowing kisses, a former NFL star accused of murder, mobsters swearing at each other in court, a cornerback on probation getting a DUI and of course Tim Tebow on the Patriots roster. But out of all these news items and the crazy headlines they are producing, this report about Whitey Bulger takes the cake for me.

According to The Boston Liberal,

“Whitey Bulger got to experience something very few Boston fans have: watching the Bruins win the Stanley Cup in person.

According to an FBI agent who works out of the Boston office, the FBI tailed Whitey for several weeks before making an arrest.  Obviously, the FBI would not swoop in and arrest him the second they found him.  They wanted to find out who he was talking to, and who else might be providing him assistance.

While they were tailing him, he boldly drove 20+ hours from Santa Monica and crossed the Canadian border to Vancouver. There he somehow scored a game 7 ticket.”

Driving to Vancouver to watch the Boston Bruins win a Stanley Cup while being the FBI’s #1 most wanted criminal is so far past being a fan that I don’t even know what to call it. The FBI agents tailing Bulger had to think he was traveling to Canada for a drugs or arms deal. They probably figured they were about to uncover some massive Canadian crime syndicate.

I would have paid a million dollars to be in the unmarked car with the agents when they saw him pull up to The Rogers Arena, scalp a ticket and go inside for Game 7.

Yet while this move by Whitey was completely shocking and completely crazy, it isn’t completely random. Whitey has always been a fan of the cup:

Sidenote – The FBI’s #1 most wanted criminal before Whitey moved to the top?

Osama Bin Ladin.

No word yet if he was at the World Cup before we got him…

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