Boston MBTA Considering Updating Green Line Train Fleet

mbta green line train

MBTA Green Line Train

Some of those squeaky, ear-piercing, outdated Green Line trains could be replaced with newer vehicles.

According to MBTA officials, some of the Green Line’s oldest trains need to be swapped out for new ones, and the T is planning on getting brand new vehicles for the long-anticipated expansion of the light rail system.

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A.B. It’s true that Green Line trains really are “like, from the seventies.” But how is that a bad thing? Stuff was better back then like vinyl and Bob Dylan. As a Bostonian, I do not want to see the city give up its vintage light rail cars. If it does, you know we’ll just end up shuffling through boxes of old subways in thrift stores, trying to find ones like what we used to have. Nevermind all the modern faux-vintage hipster light rail knockoffs. Ugh.

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