Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Doing Godfather Impression

A.B. Is this really the best use for taxpayer money? I mean look at that production quality – top notch. Those cameras aren’t flipcams. We’re talking top of the line Hollywood equipment. Plus tuxedos, red roses & stuffed animals all on the people of Massachusetts.

The time wasted “starring” in this video is completely cool with me though. It’s not like the Mayor has better things to do like worry about #OccupyBoston, our crumbling infastructure or the rising muder rate. All of those things can wait.

Just like I said when “Varitek split the uprights” – Menino needs to spend less time actually governing the city and more time studying Boston sports history, hanging out with athletes & learning how to speak english.

Add acting to that list. Very important for all politicians indeed.

H/T Barstool

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