Boston Grad Student’s Body Found Chained To A Cinder Block

jonathan dailey search and recovery

ABC News:

The body of Boston Architectural College graduate student Jonathan Dailey was found in Boston’s Charles River this morning, reportedly bound with chains and weighted with a cinder block.

The body, the second found in the river in as many days, was discovered at 7:25 a.m. today by a Boston University rowing coach. The Suffolk District Attorney’s Office identified it this afternoon as Dailey, 23, The Associated Press reported.

The body was discovered less than two miles from where Dailey went missing nearly a week ago.

Authorities would not describe the condition of the corpse, but the Boston Globe, citing unnamed law enforcement officials, reported earlier today that the body was found chained to a cinder block.

A.B. Growing up in America we are programmed to accept certain facts about death. If a body is found blown up next to a box of ACME dynamite, Wile E. Coyote is most likely the culprit. If a helpless woman is found tied to railroad tracks, a bank robber on a horse is responsible. And if you are found in the ocean with a cinder block chained to your leg, it has something to do with gambling and/or organized crime.

I don’t mean to trivialize Jonathan Dailey’s death but I feel like I am stating the obvious here. In a country where it’s incredibly easy to buy automatic weaponry and ammunition – someone is clearly trying to send a message if they opt to go with the cinder block & chain method. Let’s just hope the State Police Detectives watched cartoons, westerns & mob movies growing up.

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