Boston Escort Services Run A Very Classy Operation… Sort Of

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Escorts: Beware Of This Guy


There is a wide range of services that an escort can provide. The rates also differ among individual women, as it depends upon the escort’s own estimation as to her current market value. Generally, however, the prettier and classier they are, the more they will charge of each hour of companionship. And the wilder they are when it comes to sex, the more they usually charge as well. Here are some of the more common services that a Boston escort may provide, along with the industry average rates:

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A.B. Is it bad that the first thing my roommate and I did after reading this article was Google—Boston Escorts?  I didn’t think so either.  I’m glad that someone typed out all this information for me because I would have been lost without it.  Just between you and me I’ve been on those stripper ordering websites many times and each time I go it’s like they’ve published the site in Chinese.  I’m sorry that I’m not a sex industry expert and I need everything spelled out for me.  I guess in an industry that grinds up on the line between legal and only legal in certain parts of Nevada, innuendo and shady acronyms are what keep the party going.

And what’s this business about having girls act like a girlfriend? Ordering prostitutes to act like your girlfriend is kind of like laughing at your own jokes, except there’s a possibility of catching something.  The whole purpose of ordering a “professional” is to have emotionless, self-loathing sex as an alternative to drinking away the pain.

Also, how lazy do you have to be to order an escort?  You’re basically getting Chinese take-out—or blonde take-out—it’s really a personal preference thing.  But seriously, if I’m picking up sex workers, I’m doing it the old fashioned way, in a beat up Buick skylark, on the top of a parking garage in South Boston.

  • S. S. D.

    I also googled Boston escorts and came to I called for the heck of it to ask for prices and see what services they offer. They said the girls set their own rates but that they range between $200 and $250 per hour. They wouldn’t describe services saying it was between me and the girl.

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