Boston College Eagles Football Get New Helmets

One of the highlights of BC Media Day was the unveiling of the new uniforms.

Last year we all complained about the italicized numbers that were nearly impossible to read from the stands.

Well without further ado, in my best Say Yes to the Dress — don’t judge me, I have a woman in the house — here are the six combinations of uniforms and my thoughts…

A.B. Not a big B.C. football fan.

I admit it’s sort of strange considering how big of a homer I am, but I think it’s my father’s fault. He taught me that it’s basically immoral to root for a team that sucks so bad with a fan base so far in denial that “top program” talks happen each year.

He never taught me to hate bad Boston teams, again, just to hate those teams with irrational fans. When the Sox sucked in the 90’s it was fine to still root for the home team. But there was never any talk about The World Series. Simple as that.

So while I rant and rave each year about the Eagles being overrated and over-appreciated, I have to admit they are doing something right here. These helmets are absolutely filthy.

Bringing back the Flutie-Triple-Stripe and adding in some insane hologram-glass-breaking decals in the white stripe is awesome. I don’t know if it’s the similar colors, but for some reason these things just make me think of Latimer, and who doesn’t love a good Program reference?

At least this year it will be a little more enjoyable to watch the Eagles lose…

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