Boston Bruins Sign Son Of Hanson Brother From The Movie Slap Shot

hanson brothers slap shot

The Brothers, Hanson


The Bruins have signed a veteran forward to help their front-line depth, but it’s not a name anybody might have been expecting.

The Bruins now have some good size and grittiness depth and will boast all the “Slap Shot” stories they can entertain during training camp as they’ve signed former University of Notre Dame forward Christian Hanson. Hanson — who signed a one-year, two-way deal — is the son of Dave Hanson, one of the famous bespectacled Hanson Brothers from the cult hockey film “Slap Shot”.

A.B. Slap Shot is the best hockey movie of all time (Swayze & Lowe in Youngblood don’t compare to the maniacal Hanson Brothers). And now it all comes full circle for Boston hockey lovers. The second this kid dons a Bruins jersey will be legendary – and a good way to weed out the pink hats. Chiefs jerseys and t shirts will populate the Garden. Chants of “put on the foil” will be heard from the rafters. Old time hockey is on its way to Beantown.

And if you have never seen Slap Shot (shame on you), this clip below summarizes the movie beautifully. “I’m trying to listen to the f*cking song.” What an incredible line.

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