Boston Bruins Fans Harass Matt Cooke In the Penalty Box During Game 3

A.B. I love everything about this.

First, I love Matt Cooke being in the penalty box because if I had it my way, he would live in that f*cking thing. Cooke is absolutely the dirtiest player in the NHL. He should send a thank you note to Gary Bettman everyday that he is allowed to set foot in an NHL arena. Grade A scumbag.

Secondly, that dude in the upper left flexing and losing his mind on Cooke is my new hero. 99% of the Bruins fans in the clip jeering Cooke would piss their pants if they saw Cooke on the streets. But I’m convinced that this shredded-about-to-burst-a-blood-vessel dude could actually win that fight.

Lastly, I love how Cooke is stupid enough to acknowledge the fans. If you are a grown man playing in the NHL who reacts to fans yelling, you are a mental midget. You are in Boston for game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Your team is down two games. Forget about the fans and keep your head in the game. But I guess if Sydney Crosby was my team leader, I’d being acting like a child too…

Sidenote – Whats with the creepy stick shaft wiping? J.O.’ing a stick while being berated isn’t going to help your cause. Can someone .gif that for me?

H/T The Nosebleeds

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