BMX Biker Pulls 360 Down Set Of Stairs In Downtown Boston

A.B. I’m usually not a huge fan of the “bicycle” types in Boston. First you have the commuting bikers who weave through morning rush hour traffic and get pissed off if you have to take a turn through their bike lanes. Stop wearing full Lance Armstrong gear. You are not in the Tour De France. Then there are the BMX types that you see in this video. I’ve heard them referred to as the “biker gangs” of Boston and that’s not really far off. I’ve seen them everywhere, usually late night on the weekends – sometimes in packs of 50 or more. I don’t want to say they go out looking for trouble, but I’ve seen many-a-incident where blacked out idiots from the bars try to pick fights with these bikers. Not a good move. 50 on 1 or even 50 on 10 never really works out.

So with all that said I must admit this video was impressive as hell. A full head of steam through a packed crowd into an immediate 360 down a flight of stairs and into a busy road. I’m sure they made sure no cars were coming but this dude could have hurt himself 100 different ways. But absolutely no hesitation. Just absolute X Game type dominance. 10’s all across the board.

  • Kwame Turnbull

    Haha Thats me!

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