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Dave is the owner & founder of The Awesome Boston. He currently lives in South Boston with his girlfriend, dog & cat. Dave graduated from UNH with a degree in Journalism and currently works in high tech sales in Burlington. Besides being an avid Boston sports fan & tech feen, Dave enjoys golfing, skiing and traveling. Dave is also a huge animal lover and devotes some of his free time to helping rescue groups twitter homeless animals.

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Pete is a recent UNH business school graduate & self proclaimed tech geek. He currently lives in South Boston with friends from home and works at a PR firm in Boston. Pete enjoys golfing, fishing, hiking and traveling to Cape Cod.

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Anna is a new Bostonian originally from upstate New York. She has a MS in information science from Syracuse University and works as a reference librarian in a public library. Anna enjoys complicated self-reflexive fiction, bad 50’s monster movies by Roger Corman, and riding her motorcycle.

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Sandor is a student at Boston University, studying English and Philosophy and currently lives in Brookline.  He enjoys golf, baseball, Charles Portis novels, drinking heavily and sarcasm.

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