Apple Releases iOS 5 Features @ WWDC San Fransisco 2011

wwdc san fransisco 2011

Welcome To WWDC 2011

Though today’s World Wide Developer’s Conference may not have released any hardware details about the iPhone 5, it did outline the major overhaul with the iOS 5.

From the stage there were ten key additions that were mentioned for the iOS 5 that are intended to radically change the format for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, all of which now have to stand against the major shift presented by iCloud.

A.B. My two favorite releases are as follows:


The iOS 5 has included a camera upgrade that is software, not hardware, based. This camera upgrade is not based on better image quality necessarily, but instead on access and usability. First off you will have a camera option right from the lock screen so that you can jump into taking photos quickly when you need to without dealing with passcodes, unlock, and opening the camera app. The volume adjustment on the side will also become a shutter speed adjustment tool and you will be able to do photo editing inside the iDevice.


iMessages may be the most dramatic iOS 5 feature, unless you count iCloud. iMessages brings the text messaging function of the iPhone and turns it into an instant message tool allowing communication between all iDevices. Now the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad can all chat using an Internet connection in the same format as a text message. This will save on text messaging plans on the iPhone and allow those using non-phone iDevices the ability to stay connected at all levels.

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