Apple ‘Gronks’ The Competition, Especially In Tablet War

GOOD tablet sales graph

4 Quarter Graph By GOOD

Enterprise mobile services vendor Good Technology reported that iPad accounted for 96 percent of tablets and iPhone 53 percent of smartphones activated by the more than 2,000 companies using its services in the fourth quarter, giving iOS a 71 percent share of all mobile devices.

Good provides push messaging, device management and security products for corporate mobile users, serving as an alternative to RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server. As such, Good supports mobile platforms outside of RIM’s own, including Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, Symbian, iOS and Android.

Good reported that of the top ten devices it saw activated in the last quarter, Apple’s five iOS models accounted for the top five slots. The new iPhone 4S took the lead, quickly jumping to 31 percent of all activations in the quarter.

iPhone 4 was next, 

followed by iPad 2, the original iPad, and iPhone 3GS. The top Android device was Samsung’s Galaxy S II, which placed sixth. Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 7 and Symbian were pushed out of Good’s top ten devices a year ago by iOS or Android, just one year after Good added support for the new mobile platforms.

Good said Android activations had initially gained some ground in October but “trailed off as activations of the iPhone 4S rapidly ramped up.” Overall, iOS took 71 percent share of all mobile activations in the winter quarter, up from a 65 percent share in the year ago quarter.

A.B. In related news, Apple just surpassed Exxon/Mobil as the most valuable company in the world with a market value of over $419 billion. In unrelated news, I get my paycheck tomorrow and after paying bills won’t even have 419 DOLLARS in my bank account.

$419 billion is a scary number. Beating out a company that sells a product that every vehicle in the world needs to function is even scarier. Exxon & every smartphone/tablet company: you’ve been Apple-Gronked.

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