Animated GIF Turns 25 Years Old This Year. Celebrate With Boston GIFs

Scourge of internet comments sections and saviour of countless rainy days, the humble animated GIF file turns 25 this year, Compuserve having first introduced the file format back in 1987.

A.B.  Here are some of my favorite Boston sports GIFs circulating the interwebs… The perfect way to celebrate the birth of what hillbillies might call “the moving picture.”

red sox yankees scuffle

The Infamous Varitek & ARod Fight At Home Plate

I will never forget this moment. Dirt dog Jason Varitek going after the overpaid-pretty-boy Alex Rodriguez. This one moment alone pretty much earned TEK the coveted captain’s jersey C.

bruins canucks stanley cup

Marchand Uses Sedin’s Head As A Punching Bag

This is the point in the series when I knew that the Bruins could win the cup. I always had faith, but watching the Sedin Sisters cave like this was delightfully unexpected. Without Marchand, the Bruins never win the series. He got the Canucks off their game & motivated the Bruins to play “Boston” hockey. I could watch this GIF all day, every day.

ray allen celtics

Ray Allen’s Cold Blooded Smile To Pat Riley

All I can think of is this clip from Chapelle Show:

tom brady mad on sideline

Tom Terrific Fired Up & Swearing On Camera

This is what makes Brady the best. A regular season game vs. the Eagles mid-2nd quarter with a 4 point lead & he is about to lose his mind. Just always competing, always wanting to be that much better. G.O.A.T.

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