8 Pictures Of Tyler Seguin & His New Puppy Marshall

boston bruins tyler seguin puppy named marshall

A.B. Much to the delight of his female followers, Tyler Seguin’s sister Candace introduced the world to Tyler Seguin’s new puppy – Marshall – on June 6th, 2012. Because after all, who doesn’t love a millionaire NHL superstar AND a cute puppy? It’s pretty much the dream package for every single girl in Boston.

All kidding aside, as a dog lover I think all puppies are cute – but Marshall is Pedigree advertisement type cute. Labs are the best dogs.

But if one picture doesn’t do it for you (do you have a soul?) – here are 8 more of the little brown ball of fur – and of course, Seguin too (your welcome ladies):


Did I mention that Marshall has his own twitter page? Of course he has more followers than T.A.B.….

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