8 iPhone Apps for Bostonians

Boston skyline on iPhone

Apps For Bostonians

A.B. There are most certainly some great and equally crappy aspects of each day in and around Boston that make life both amazing and difficult. No worries though, SmartPhones are here to save the day via their delicious buffet of mobile apps. Here are my top eight in no particular order:

Parking- Yup, the App is literally called parking. And if you’ve ever woke up hung-over by Castle Island with sunrays beaming off the water and into your face with no clue of where your vehicle may be parked, then this App is for you! It’ll help you locate your car and even track how long you’ve been in a spot to avoid ticketing- always a constant struggle for much of the city’s driving population.

OpenTable- If there’s one thing that most of Boston does right its food. And if you’re fortunate enough to have the loot to spend on a night on the town ever so often, this App is all you. No more dealing with moody hostesses or rude restaurant managers- secure your reservation without dialing a digit. It also rewards you with points, which eventually roll over into gift cert’s. A personal favorite of yours truly.

WHDH- Okay, you may be thinking “sweet, a weather App- don’t smart phones come standard with one?” You may be right on that claim but if you’re one tenth as pessimistic as I am regarding national weather forecasts, you’ll enjoy the personal touch of Pete Bouchard and his 9 inches staring you in the face upon opening this app.

AroundMe- This App isn’t Boston specific but it does, as its name implies, find places around you. Now if that isn’t convenient, I don’t know what is…

Ballpark Envi- Boston, at least in the media’s mind is a Baseball town. So for those of you who are actually as much of a “die-hahd” sox fan as you like people to think you are, this App is for you. Not only view the sights of Fenway in HD, but you also get inside access to all 30 MLB Parks- for only 99 cents. However, for those of you baseball simpletons- “At Bat” by MLB might be a safer steal.

MassTransit- Pretty self-explanatory. Tracks all lines. A must have for Beantown newbies

DD Dunkin Donuts Logo

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’ Run- Coming straight outa Quincy, this App is sheer genius. I’m sure most of you wish you had a dollar for every time you’ve heard at your workplace “DUDE- you headin’ to Dunkie’s? Get me a large ice- extra, extra”. This app aggregates all the required info required for a coffee run and throws it into your phone, hence facilitating your trip to the double D. Now if they only had this for packeys…

Free Boston- Well here’s the catch- it ain’t free, but 99 cents is worth your money and then some with this innovative little App-etizer. It will cue you in to all sights and sounds of “The Bean”.

So I hope this helps. And for those of you cringing at the thought of hitting potholes as they canyon out even deeper this spring, Beantown may be hooking you up with an App to solve that headache.

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