mouth shaped toilet

Ever Wanted to Eat in a Bathroom? Soon, You Can in Boston!

A former public bathroom in an historic Boston park is being turned into a sandwich shop. Boston City officials have agreed to a lease with the Earl of Sandwich chain.

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city of palms park

2011 Red Sox Spring Training Picture Tour

ink truck accident spill in peabody, ma

Rainbow UPS Truck, Hippies & Biggie n’ Pac. The Ink Accident A tractor-trailer hauling industrial printer cartridges rolled over yesterday morning on the ramp from Route 128 North to Interstate 95 North in Peabody, spewing ink across the roadway,

eminem look alike

Why Is Eminem (or long lost identical twin) At A KKK Rally?

A.B. I'm a huge Eminem fan so it's painful for me to post this. That being said, I have to trust my eyes here. Never have I been

pizza employee tirade

Domino’s Worker Fired For Acid Fueled Tirade

A.B. Forget Doc Ellis and his no-hitter on LSD. Showing up to your shift @ Dominos tripping balls and calling customers moonrocket & starchild or whatever is a

Cat called to jury duty

Cat Called To Jury Duty. More Qualified Than Most Humans A cat has been called up for jury duty in Boston, Massachusetts. The Daily Mail reports that tabby cat Sal has been asked to report to Suffolk Superior


Hingham Teen Snacks on an Ear A Hingham man has been sentenced to two years in prison -- 60 days to serve and the balance suspended -- after he admitted in Norfolk Superior Court